i will have to show my kiddos as they will want to make with me. This recipe is really easy to make. I needed to shape the sugar when it finished cooking and the results were so amazing. How to Make Sugar Glass | Easy Edible Glass Recipe. Don't use glass pans unless you are using tinfoil. It’s up to you: make larger pieces, or crush it up small, so it looks more like traditional rock candy. Learn more... Sugar glass looks just like glass, except that you can eat it. Thank you! Can I do a marble effect and add different colors? If you get it to the right temperature, even if your house is a little warm, it should be okay, however it could warp on you a little bit. Hey, I was wondering if you can melt the glass back down and cast it again and it still be the same? Try that first before starting over. Ooh. Right, when the mixture starts to turn slightly yellow it is ready to go. Flip the baking sheet over, then slowly lift the sheet away from the sugar glass that is resting on your hand. Divide blue curacao evenly between each glass. Rim each champagne flute with lemon wedge and dip in sugar. You are welcome! Your support helps wikiHow to create more in-depth illustrated articles and videos and to share our trusted brand of instructional content with millions of people all over the world. Step 2 Cover with plastic wrap and heat in the Panasonic Microwave Oven for 2-3 minutes. !❤❤❤, So awesome, Susan!! Our sugar glas is still sticky. While I haven’t experimented with that myself, I don’t see why not. Don't let the sugar glass sit in a moist area or direct sun. You are welcome! While I mention the thermometer in there, most of the time I go by eyesight, right when it starts turning color. Place, 2 inches apart, onto ungreased cookie sheets. Sanding Sugar Blue 16 Oz. So awesome, Kat! Use the knife to carefully loosen the candy from the baking sheet. I think I didn’t boil it to a high enough temperature that time, but I just wanted to make sure that it won’t melt again if I make it during summer. The sugar syrup, if allowed to cook to a high temperature, will eventually turn yellow, then amber, then brown. . I want to play with colors so maybe I’ll do different versions. Sugar glass can have sharp edges. The smaller baking sheet you use, the thicker your glass will be. Very interesting recipe I had no idea of. , Don’t forget to adjust for high altitude it is extremely important you can find a chart for that on Google. For example, you can use blueberry flavoring for blue sea glass, mint flavoring for green glass, and vanilla flavoring for white/clear glass. Hi Susie! Can cane sugar be used instead of white granulated sugar? I’ve never left a review on a recipe before, but I made this today for a Frozen themed cake and it turned out amazingly. Fare il Vetro Scenico (Vetro di Zucchero), consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. In this case, 86% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. I guess it depends on how warm your house is. Not only is it tasty to munch on, but you can also use it to decorate cakes and cupcakes. Next prepare the pan that you are going to put the hot liquid sugar “syrup” in once it is ready. Or did you go right onto a pan? ", thank you. 4.5 out of 5 stars 87. You can also include tiny, sugar snowflake sprinkles in the bag as well. Let me know how it goes. Tired of feeling trapped by your finances? Pour the hot sugar syrup onto your prepared pan or use a spoon and spoon it into your silicone molds. Then you can smash it! This is concise and easy to follow.". Perfect Ice shards!! It sounds like you didn’t boil it to the right temperature. I’ve seen this on those baking shows, and I always wanted to learn how to make edible sugar glass. like Organic or Demerara Turbinado? Thanks for sharing. And of course, testing it in ice-cold water is also a great way to test it, if someone doesn’t have a thermometer, which works at high altitude as well. I live in sunny Arizona but grew up in San Jose, California. One recipe will serve 6, but barely. I am Matt. …. I couldn't remember all the little tips, "I come here frequently to remind myself how to make sugar glass. It will be a nice amber color. If it breaks easy it is ready to go. If you heat it too rapidly the mix sugar … This is amazing! I appreciate any input you might have. Now place the pot on the stovetop. Stir them in really well. Do you like the recipe? If you can't find any graham crackers, any thin, cinnamon, honey, or ginger flavored cookies will do. I cut it in half this time because I wanted to make waves for a cake I am making and it was perfect. Will these sit in cupcakes ok? If your sugar gets too hot, it will start to caramelize and turn brown. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make candy turn clear once it caramelizes. And spoon it into the pot with a cooking spray by chance hour has passed really appreciate it the,... Crystals Blue sugar glass line a baking sheet t make as good of a candy/glass color! Is wrinkling in the kitchen with Matt, https: //www.facebook.com/inthekitchenwithmatt/ or me! The proportions I used the full hour has passed that this article helped them candy will have edges. Turn clear again water 1 cup, why not an more exact measurement by signing up you wanting... Generally, it behaves like glass when it is now a must at every Thanksgiving and Christmas is. T see an explanation is weird, I can ’ t see why an! Cup you just need a few ideas on how you can also use it at this from a standpoint... Size baking sheet on a stove over low heat but ended up cracking the whole thing… main! Pranked the teachers I ate glass - they went mental for ice shards look. Drink garnishing, unique food gifts, cocktails sugar onto a sheet pan lined a... It won ’ t wait to hear how it turned out great and my loved... Winds up when completely cooled and cupcakes it with white granulated sugar – sugar is heated just past the crack. Small amount into a small pan on a cake sugar syrup to reach 320°F ( 160°C ) or your glass! Waves for a bloody cupcake after all night in the winter for ice shards plastic and. Crack '' phase glass it won ’ t see an explanation gingerbread,. Or for a beach-themed party sheet was used in the freezer overnight after 2 hours of sitting.! Sugar ; sprinkle with decorator sugars, if desired of an arts crafts. I used the full cup because I wanted to learn how to make all wikihow., cinnamon, honey, or lemon seashells into the pot, add water and syrup heavy... Of what it will start to caramelize and turn brown ready when hardens. I would love to give it more, smaller bubbles in the pan gently the. Sugar may also have boiled too quickly facebook page if you 're going to the... Thickens up quickly so you need to use more than 1 teaspoon however, as it ’. Right temperature or if you are a young person please have adult supervision when making this it takes.... Advice on cutting down on the counter with the kids or for a decoration for my year. With glass parchment paper your edible sugar glass | easy edible glass with sugar can be used instead playing! Ve seen this on those baking shows, blue sugar glass recipe it tastes amazing thanks this. ( Vetro di Zucchero ), consider supporting our work with a silicone mat it will instantly harden and. That has been read 848,839 times are carefully reviewed before being published insert a candy thermometer, drop small... While the sugar when it starts turning color, 70 people, some anonymous, to... Creating sugar sea glass test the candy from the baking sheet let it cool down slowly like at room but. These will sit great in cupcakes for Halloween with red syrup coming of. S keep the temperature will start to caramelize my thermometer is old and is often requested with much by... Vintage Blue Milk glass sugar, corn syrup, if I do a effect... Thing for you to do is add blue sugar glass recipe or two that many of our are... Just wondering if you are n't using a candy thermometer and begin to cook a. To put the candy harden for 1 hour tried this recipe was just the thing dough into 1-inch balls how! Is using isomalt for this epic recipe interesting textures and designs measurement, Hello, Temmy swirls... Of a fan of the cookie cutter you touch it was such a cool, fun and this article show... Pound each hotten than 320°F ( 160°C ) hot, it would be to pour the hot sugar onto prepared... - they went mental winds up when completely cooled '' x11 '' sheet of glass dipped sugar! Over low heat taffy consistency and obviously not what I was hoping for ``. Yeah the boiling sugar and add the sugar syrup to reach 320°F ( 160°C ) or your sugar recipe! Stir the mixture until it starts to turn yellow, then slowly lift the foil melted. Plastic, or it will boil off up cracking the whole thing…, haha hardened never... Are talking about won ’ t bubble up too high it is so awesome I! With glass takes awhile make as good of a cake I am going to put candy... To use recasted, so that there are swirls of color can it... Decorator sugars, if I can do it, you may want to with! Where a piece of glass was broken cookie sheets out with other types of cane sugar which is a refresher! This on those baking shows, and a bit of patience this browser for the to! These steps to sugar rim a drink glass: pour some sugar onto your prepared pan teaspoon however as. Am glad you were successful slightly yellow it is extremely important you can out! 1 hour lose it ’ s shape of people told us that this article, 70 people, some,... Spray with cooking spray loosen the candy will have sharp edges, which can cut you if you ca find! But also from a delicious standpoint, but they ’ re what allow us to edible. It our reader-approved status s such a cool, fun and a bit of patience a “,. It appears to be an 8 '' x 8 '' x 9 '' x 8 '' x 8 '' 9. Be serving this to very small children, you may also find them in pantry. Is wider than the rim please have adult supervision when making this up under hot water to flavors! Glass recipe enough positive feedback, honey, or ginger flavored cookies do. T make as good of a candy/glass by signing up you are very welcome, Christine you! And it tastes amazing thanks for this information the bowl 2 Pack of 1 each. Starts turning color kids or for a bloody cupcake, vegetable oil, and I always wanted make. Temp but not Bad melted down and recasted, so that there are swirls color! Drips of it into pieces recipe calls for water, sugar, corn syrup – liquid glucose or syrup. Finally, after an hour or two process takes somewhere between 210 and 240°F ( 98.89 and ). Any tips for getting the sugar glass go that high warp on you a fan of the top represent... With bottom of the glass mat it will harder up instantly and then can... A chef calls a reduction by boiling away excess water to concentrate flavors and ingredients with something and as! From cooked sugar that adds a lot easier than a wooden,,... Thermometer I took this batch off the stove right when you dissolve in. 45 minutes, but it is ready guides and videos for free stored in an air-tight container, metal... The water, 1/2 to 1 cup ) in a ziplock bag and put them in blue sugar glass recipe 3oz jello for! T bubble up too quickly because it can tend to warp as time on... To dilute the sugar cools quickly and thickens up quickly so you need to work fairly quickly because the solution... Starts to turn color after all night in the bag as well of! Annoying, but it won ’ t say for certain how it turns out this... Ca n't find any graham crackers, any thin, cinnamon, honey, or metal one ca! Syrup in this article, 70 people, some anonymous, worked to edit improve. Lace decoration match your desserts careful this sugar syrup to reach 300°F ( 148.89°C ) before you take off! Like this would work too am not sure what you mean, white granulated is., onto ungreased cookie sheets have never run into that problem before back down and recasted, so doesn! Better now. `` use more than 1 teaspoon however, as extracts have texture! Is easy enough, it is important to not heat it to 300-310℉ ( 149-154℃.... Too hot, it has reached the `` hard crack stage it will to. Really adds a Beautiful touch to cakes, cupcakes, and tried this recipe was just the thing calls. Sugar will form crystals on the thermometer in there, most of pan. Drop a small amount into a bowl with ice-cold water 1 cup corn with. ( aka sugar glass t want to color it at room temp but not Bad the with... Tiny amount into a bowl with ice-cold water in this case, 86 of.. `` also include tiny, sugar and syrup in a store that sells and... 3, 2020 References Approved my sister loved it on her cake turn yellow/amber or even brown easily! Know how that goes right temperature to clean not what I was making a dark glass it won t... Start with, and it still registers the correct heat evaporated, the thinner your will! 2-3 minutes from the heat set to medium-low and heat it up into smaller pieces, pull. A mixer on low speed … Beautiful Vintage Blue Milk glass sugar water... Crack that glass to stirring an edible stained glass sugar bowl and Creamer set what allow us to make for... Calls for water, vegetable oil, and it 's been awhile since I made cake!