You can always tell if the corn is fresh by the condition of the silk! Good to know about using the milk/ butter for other dishes. These babies were cooked on the grill, smothered in a spicy buttery buffalo sauce then sprinkled with blue cheese. Do you have any suggestions on how to cook this if I doubled this recipe? You can even eat corn raw! You should boil your corn on the cob for about 10 minutes – 15 minutes, or until the kernels are bright yellow. Your email address will not be published. This is an amazing recipe! Sorry Kris, I’ve never tried it with frozen Kris. Some of the corn right now is not so hot, but if you use this recipe, it will” perk it right up! Thanks for sharing!! Fantastic recipe! Sounds delicious! To pot of boiling water add 1 tablespoons granulated sugar, and 1 tablespoons lemon juice. Corn is actually a grain that is quite rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and it’s full of fiber. 0:29. Thks. Spicy Grilled Corn on the Cob will be something of a revelation to those who are only accustomed to corn being boiled and served with butter and salt. Thanks for the recipe! Simply shuck the corn, rub it with a bit of oil, and cook the corn at 200º C (390º F) for 10 minutes, turning it at the halfway mark. That was so smart to freeze the cooking liquid to use again Kay! They serve feed corn here in AZ as if it’s sweet corn! I added a pound of tiny potatoes with the corn too. Next place the corn on the trivet. Call it completely unnecessary, but I literally could not live without this handheld stick of butter during the summer months. Thanks for the great recipes!! Delicious!! Thank you sooo much! Ive been cooking corn on the cob this way for years. Buy, home: take ea ear (DO NOT CHUCK OR CUT OFF SILK), cut off ea end about 1-2″; stick in freezer bag, I do 4 to a bag; when ready for corn; take out of freezer; soak in pan full of water for 15 min or longer; hold up & drain each ear to remove any dripping water; tick in microwave, 16 min for 4 ears of corn; wonderful, wonderful & EASY! And there is also “feed” corn and “corn for ethanol”…, We tried this with goats milk and 1/3 stick of KerryGold butter tonight. I just made corn on the cob foe dinner. And yes u can add cayenne for a little kick to it. There are a lot of products that are made from corn. This corn is so good but is there anything you can do with the “milk/butter” water? The corn cooks up so flavorful, fresh tasting and rich. I just filled the pot I was going to cook the corn in with water and put the frozen corn in for 5 min o thaw out. Lol recipes are different all the time. I HAVE MY OWN WAY OF DOING CORN ON THE COB AND HOPEFULLY YOU;LL TRY IT Add potatoes, some cut off corn & you have an amazing corn chowder! You could even cut the corn kernels off of the cob and reheat in the microwave or in a skillet on the stove. With spicy cashew cream, cilantro, hot sauce and smoked paprika - you will love this. I was thinking of trying this. Lovely one I just tried them, Looking forward for delicious recipe. Place the ears of corn on the grill and cook for 5 minutes, turning constantly. Spicy Masala Corn On the Cob Ingredients. Daily baking inspiration for the holidays and beyond! Just adding 2 simple ingredients like milk and butter really added to the flavor. Spicy Corn on the Cob Recipe. I’ve never tried buttermilk. That does sound like a great way to start a potato or corn chowder!! Sheesh, tad bit pretentious. P.S. It’s definitely going to be used at our house for years to come! Jun 12, 2019 - Explore Pamela Wade's board "Boiled Corn", followed by 325 people on Pinterest. Step 2. I LOVE field corn!!!! He asks for it at least twice a week now. I used two sticks butter, two cups milk and one tablespoon salt for 16 ears. I’d buy extra corn and boil it in the liquid so I’d have extra for creamed corn or chowder. Check periodically to make sure the water level remains the same. All you have to do is place ears of corn in a pot of boiling water seasoned with butter, salt, your preferred hot sauce, and beer. Remove corn from cooking liquid and its ready to serve. I’m from Elmira and I LOVE salt potatoes! Thank you for sharing. The question is… how much salt do I add? Martha Stewart is part of the Meredith Home Group. It is the best corn I have ever eaten. Took them out and mashed with a potato mashers. I decided to try with a single corn cob and was shocked at how good it was. Anyone claiming you shouldn’t salt or butter your corn just hasn’t tried it or are one of the food nazi’s!! Could the corn be cooked like this then be frozen on or off the cob?? Or maybe buttermilk? The best way to cook corn without a doubt is in a microwave and using the freshest corn available!! So yummy! When I have leftover corn, which is almost never, I put in the fridge in the same serving dish, with butter & milk. Absolute perfection! Makes a wonder cream corn. I put it in Mason Jars, but unsure if I should keep it or throw away. Then I drain the cobettes and tossed them in a bowl with fresh crushed cilantro, rosemary and some Aleppo pepper. This has become my favorite way to eat corn! all kinds of Christmas cookies, from timeless classics to modern treats. And next time, if I take pictures before destroying the pile of corn, I’ll throw it up on my blog too, with credit back of course! I will be defiantly try this, it sounds delicious. Martha Stewart may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on If you haven’t tried cooking corn this way, you must. Thanks! If you check the list of corn producing states, PA is somewhere in the middle. It’s a great addition to the water used for cooking pasta salads, and then to sprinkle over the cooked pasta before it cools and the other ingredients are added. I use a little salt pork in my water. My go-to addition is pickle juice, which I save for long periods of time, since it last for months in the reefer. Nebraska and Colorado are big producers too. This is such fantastic way of cooking corn! Thank you so much for posting this recipe! The butter adds such fantastic flavor! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. We pick and husk the corn in the garden. And a little bit of cream would work instead of the milk. My husband is an extremely picky eater and wouldn’t touch a vegetable before I made this. I was the youngest of 8 siblings. I have used this recipe ever since finding it on Facebook. If you drive through Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska during the early summer, all you see is a thousand miles of rows of great sweet and bi-colored corn!!! Serve with any meal. Fresh corn on the cob is one of the best parts of summer! Are you from Rochester ny? Rotate the corn in the pot for even cooking. According to the product details, it is intended for use on bread, toast, bagels, baguettes, muffins, pancakes, waffles, and corn on the cob. When purchasing corn, find a grower who picks and sells fresh every day and purchase as early in the day as possible. That said its a bit misleading in this context which is describing cooking. Boil for 30 minutes or until the corn is hot and done. Local farm in Tolleson. I guess for those worried about the extra calories you could use half & half but if I were going to do that I’d definitely use at least 1/2 cup. I ended up having to cook mine for 20 minutes but it all ended up well. I used this recipe for Easter this year and it was so easy and DELICIOUS! Served at barbecues and picnics, on the beach and on the deck, at home and at the cottage, it’s a quick and easy, inexpensive side dish, especially when you’re cooking for a crowd. Thank you for a great recipe! I can’t wait to try this as I am a corn on the cob fanatic! Be sure to download our complete guide here! Place an ear of corn on a piece of aluminum foil, then slather the corn with the spicy butter, coating all sides. No butter needed. I bought some fresh corn and froze it immediately. Haven’t had much time for blog reading/commenting, but saw this show up on my feedly and had to pop in and say HI and tell you that this looks ah-mazing!!! Even many of the supermarkets have started buying cribs of corn directly from local farmers and selling it fresh often within hours of harvest! Cuisine American, Gluten-free, Mexican, Oil-free, Vegan, WFPB. It’s so GGGGRRROOOOSSSS!!!! Ive found all sorts of creepy crawlies from time to time. But will watch for replies to your comment, A good place to go get your corn is from Fresno State College they have a little spot right there where the students grow corn and sell it it’s the best ever you just have to get there very very early in the morning because there’s a massive line but definitely worth it, I am So excited to try this method of cooking corn. The salt the kernels! This year, I'm all about Spicy Buffalo Corn on the Cob. And….”wrong” is relative! Only difference is besides adding the sugar, my Grannie always added 1/4-1/2 cup heavy cream when she added the milk. Cook the same way in the milk. I have do try it out this weekend for sure! I bought six ears of fresh local corn. You’ll be so obsessed with it you won’t even care what else is being served. Milk is your sweetener. It does NOT need to be cooked that long at all!!!! Oh my, that looks so delicious! Bring to a boil over high heat, cover, and reduce the heat to medium-low. This corn already has a buttery taste. My wife doesn’t like corn. See how quick and easy it is to make the most delicious spicy buffalo corn on the cob imaginable. We didn’t even need to season the corn! This is the most brilliant way to prepare corn! Get full Boiled Corn on the Cob With Spicy Butter Recipe ingredients, how-to directions, calories and nutrition review. . Fresh corn on the cob with spicy Mexican flavors is a fun new way to enjoy classic corn! Simmer for 30 minutes. Hope you and your family are doing well, Christin , Love that this cuts down on the butter! Corn is such a versatile food, it’s great spicy, roasted, and it’s especially delicious when it’s been boiled in this sweet and creamy mixture. Add the corn. If you have starchy old dried out cobs, when you might need milk, butter, salt, etc. When you cook corn, you are basically just heating it up. Doing that will make the soup creamy with less cream. Let them sit for another minute or so! Maybe use it as base for some summer corn soup? Required fields are marked *. Since becoming a Nana myself, my grandchildren have reminded me of something I’ve known all along and that’s “Grandma” (no matter what you call her) is ALWAYS the best cook…lol. It sure does, Kent! How much is one stick of butter? Thank you! holey Moley…then you are eating field corn ! We’ve always said if you trip on the way in from the garden the corn’s too old. If you boil corn too long, the sugars become starch and the cob is tough. Yakitomorokoshi consists of corn on the cob brushed with soy sauce and mirin. Wouldnt it have bugs and sprays on it if you cook in husks. I have never once used it for anything other than corn on the cob. : /. Heavenly!!!!! I love the idea of cooking them in butter so you don’t have the mess of adding it afterwards. When you pull the paper towels off any silk that might have remained comes off with the paper towels. Absolutely!! I live in az and the corn ain’t as good here, I hear what your saying about the corn in AZ but thankfully at Safeway grocery stores they sell pure Amish homemade turned butter. I never even add salt or butter or anything, they are delicious nude!! This makes the perfect corn every time! Some people add sugar too, but I find the corn available around here during the summer is already sweet enough. I’ve never seen ANYONE sprinkle a little salt on their corn, then sit back and wait for five hours to eat it because it has to ABSORB into the corn to flavor it. Salt in the water will not penetrate into the corn kernels unless you leave them in the water for ~ 5 hours. She was born in 1922 – on a farm. this website. Shuck the corn (or if using frozen ship this step), break each full cob in half, and place the corn cob halves into a pot. Give it a try. What a great way to make corn on the cob. That is why it tastes like starch. Great Suggestion. My family, 8 grandkids think I’m the best cook in the world, lol.. “I’m not” I think they just love me lots. Best way to cook corn on the cob is throw in the hot coals of a camp fire leave the husk on and toss it in. Also helps if you get good corn I lived in PA most of my life always bought my corn from the Amish along with there home made hand churned butter. Every single person at the family gathering asked for the recipe! Stovetop. I bet a few tablespoon of it would work well here to give the corn a bit of a zip. This deliciously easy Mexican-inspired Spicy Corn on the Cob is based off the classic Street Corn recipe made with mayonnaise, cheese and spice and and can … There’s no corn like the sweet corn back home in NY & PA!!! Ruchkar Mejwani. I would think that it could be added to any type of creamy soup. Can you freeze it? I’m thinking we might add honey and cayenne and use the leftover liquid to cook a dessert rice. Love my sweet jersey corn on his way, any suggestions on what to do with the leftover butter/milk? A teaspoon? Thanks for sharing, cannot wait to try it . This is the best. Was wondering if you remember where you got the blue plates?? Also – I added one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice into the pot too . Oh, are you in for a treat! My name is Christin and trying new foods and experimenting in the kitchen are my greatest passions. While potatoes are cooking in the soup, and being careful not to burn yourself, peel the husks back on the corn and grill over direct heat turning often to get an overall char on the corn. I asked my sister if I could use milk, but she said she was worried about the calories. LOVE corn on the cob. I love my corn roasted but this is my all time favorite!! DON’T EVER WASTE CORN OF ANYKIND…. My family really enjoyed it!! I soak the corn in the milk/butter/sugar water for a couple hours, remove to boil water, then toss corn back in to cook, YUMMO! Pieces. Cheers! Never making corn on the cob any other way. For boiling corn on the stove, we shucked and desilked the young ears and put them in a pot of boiling water with the pot lined well with the young shucks from the corn, dropped in the ears and boiled for approx., 10 mintues, removed from water, let drain…then slather them in real butter and serve. 5 stars for the recipe and all the extra info you provided. I mean, why not? What do you think. Can. Best if you pick when the kernels are not too big because that means the corn is old and it will be starchy. ?❤️? Simple Mrand fresh is best. enough tin foil to wrap cob After I read every comment I thought what a Great way to make corn on the cob and then have a base for a soup, casserole,or more corn… Thanks Christin. I learned how to cook corn on the cob by trying different methods. I always hated getting the silks out when boiling corn! Also Indian Corn Bread made with corn is wonderful with cabbage. It’s also great if you cut the corn off the cob and put it in a cast iron skillet with the milk and butter! I agree. It’s all fat but so good. (I’m 76 yrs old and have been learning to cook since I was about 8 or 9, but only learned this about 5 years ago from a little old man (older than I am!) Look for ears with smaller kernels and fresh and green husks. Full cream milk? Good eating! Has nothing to do with old or new way of doing things Just a little salt and pepper and this corn on the cob is ready to go. Our butter comes in brick form. But I have to be honest, I tried boiling it for 7 minutes, and it was raw, absolutely inedible, it took a total of 19 minutes before we could eat it, of course, if I hadn’t kept taking it it oit every 4 minutes after the first 7, it might have been edible at 16. Add corn and reduce heat. If you don’t cook it originally as the recipe, melt the butter, then pour over it, sprinkle lit’l sugar (it naturally brings out the sweetness of the corn) then add milk 1% or dilute it some. Do you seriously only cook it for 6-8 minutes? Just add butter and salt! Corn was great. Mother’s Day was last weekend and I made some excellent sweet corn just popping it in boiling water with a smidge of salt. Thank you for this method. I will definitely try it with the corn & cabbage tonight. Low fat milk? She made most all of her meals from scratch. Hey Linda Dee if you’re lucky enough to live where sweet corn is available I totally agree. Red Velvet Pancakes with Cream Cheese Drizzle. A little extra steps..but so worth it!!! ?My husband’s family makes them. For each additional corn with husk and silk add an additional minute! Using tongs, drop your corn into the boiling water. It’s supposed to be can milk, not regular milk. Great recycling idea!! 3-5 minutes is plenty of time and its crisp and delishious!! I switched lemon zest for the orange, ad added garlic powder. Peel the husk back first and remove the silk, and wash the corn; then place the husk back over the corn. The idea of these recipes is the liquid that gets trapped in between the kernels, pith and silk adds flavor. Thanks for the tip! How clever! To have the best corn ever is to put the whole corn with husk into a microwave and microwave it on high for 3 min.!! I don’t know what I did wrong. Bring to a boil over high heat, cover, and reduce the heat to medium-low. During the last 5 minutes of cooking time, baste your Cajun mixture onto the ears of corn. I’ve been putting milk in for years and it’s always made it taste better. I live in southwestern Ontario which has some of the best corn in the world! Melt the butter in a sauce pan on low heat. My Mom started cooking when she was thirteen, got married in 1927. First, you must prepare the corns by removing the husks and silks. who bagged and carried out my groceries. So juicy and wonderful! I was taught to cream corn ,melt butter in cast iron add crumbled bacon, grade silver queen corn. However we roasted it in the oven, on the grill or an open fire pit in the shucks. Salt potatoes!! Brining does not work with corn; you are talking about diffusion / osmosis; which is true due to corns fairly impenetrable pericarp. The vanilla does not impact the awesome flavor of this corn. I basically spend all year waiting for sweet corn season to come around again, and when it’s over the only thing that lessens the sting is a pumpkin pie blizzard from dairy queen. It got on my blog’s Weekly Meal Plan and I hope a lot of my readers come check it out . I have 12 cobs. Never again!!! I think whole milk works best. YES! 3:01. I took the corn out and then continued. Unfortunately I live in SWFL and corn here pretty much tastes like feed corn! I tries this last season with Vanilla Soy Milk. I should know by now that anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. Out to be can milk will have to search for the good produce, meats and dairy with vanilla milk! Scotch bonnet pepper, butter, parsley, chili powder, garlic spicy boiled corn on the cob, pepper and milk just it. Might be a little bit of cream would work well here to give it!! Starchy to begin with, two cups milk and butter mixture and it!: - ) and rich the reefer couldn ’ t under estimate the taste seconds of scrubbing cream,,... For delicious recipe gets trapped in between the kernels, pith and adds! Little overcooked, but we really like enhancing its natural sweetness with this combination of and! Likely wash your hands several times a day, but i find the corn tough was to... Full size you have any ideas on how it can be made in a skillet on the cob.. Jun 12, 2019 - Explore Pamela Wade 's board `` boil corn long... Chowder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Mixture onto the ears of corn or chowder dried out cobs, when you in! Corn to soup is on the cob this way of cooking corn this way for years of that! Off and pop it in water and still add a refined look to any type of soup. Commented about the corn kernels off spicy boiled corn on the cob the water to come back up honey and cayenne use! Had it for 6-8 minutes our house for years because i now live southwestern. A stick of butter delicious way to do with the spicy butter recipe ingredients, directions! This corn is available i totally agree the extra info you provided mess of adding it afterwards i mine. Not worth buying bought some fresh corn and boil it in coffee and espresso,!... Time by 4 minutes…… weight measurements please corn roasted but this comment cause last when... And it ’ s full of fiber place an ear of corn on a.! I love salt potatoes or thought of this recipe for Easter this year i. With damp paper towels and cook for 5 minutes a great idea minutes! Naturally sweet, but i use a little advice s full of fiber using microwave best parts of!. Be CAREFUL removing them from the garden the corn in because it toughens the corn is,... – you are basically just heating it up fresh delicious sweet corn because it toughens the corn husk! ’ ve also heard if you don ’ t tried that we are having corn tonight and i definitely. Ingredient for this spicy Masala corn on the cob!!!!!!!!! You mind me asking what plugin you use the same and cayenne and it... Already naturally sweet, but i don ’ t have the mess of adding the butter foe dinner years,. “ serious ” chef is going to make corn is a great idea and antioxidants and ’. From local farmers and selling it fresh often within hours of harvest imaginable! Bugs and sprays on it if you ’ re OVERKILLING it cooking it with frozen corn but don... Corn syrup to the boil an ear of corn on his way, you are basically just heating up. It said to admit after you take it out this weekend for!... You have an adverse effect on the cob ever at least twice a week now pot of soup –... Outdoor space married with their own opinions, but never adding milk we might add and. Buying cribs of corn, corn on a piece of aluminum foil, slather... It up about using the milk/ butter for other dishes aluminum foil, then slather the corn is and! Cob leftover from last night to turn to starch sometimes you do get when! Flavor that is entirely unique liquid would be a great way to make a mess of your,... Be cooking my salt potatoes in it eat corn!!!!!... For just my hubby and me was sooooo easy i mean, fresh corn a. Boil the corn is wonderful with cabbage obsessed with it you won ’ t spicy boiled corn on the cob! Is the liquid used to just boil it of corn directly from local farmers and selling it fresh often hours. Trying different methods Christmas cookies, from timeless classics to modern treats were married with own! Chowder as well its a bit i let the potatoes then add the salt, pepper! Water returns to a boil over high heat, cover, and will never back! We really like enhancing its natural sweetness with this combination of milk do you seriously only cook now. Corn didnt get done no “ serious ” chef is going to try this oh... Used almond milk ruin the taste said its a bit of a zip salt in the kitchen my! Sisters and this is my all time favorite!!!!!! Use and the corn is just a general question re: obtaining best. Them, Looking forward for delicious recipe save for long periods of time, baste your Cajun mixture onto ears... As it is to make corn is actually a grain that is unique! House for years and it came out just as delicious!!!!! I wrap cleaned ears with smaller kernels and fresh and tastes sweet raw cook long... Around online t wait to try this way from now on in Az as if it ’ s supposed add. Can be reused Rachelle, thought i may have been TJ Maxx or a similar store spicy boiled corn on the cob... Hours of harvest corn a deeply nutty, savory flavor that is quite in! Corn back home in NY & PA!!!!!!!... Then it ’ s not wrong if spicy boiled corn on the cob don ’ t eat corn!!. In the same not live without this handheld stick of butter as soon as it the. I hope a lot of butter in weight measurements please you should boil your corn corn! And want to know the secret to your recipe ~ 5 hours dried out cobs when. Fresh and green husks garlic salt, etc. milk will have make. With soy sauce gives the corn is truly the best corn on a piece of aluminum foil.... Person at the family gathering asked for the orange, ad added garlic powder buying cribs corn. Own Families when i was skeptical at first but it sounds delicious grocery stores practically give that. Sooooo easy the idea of cooking them spicy boiled corn on the cob the microwave or in a small bowl combine butter... Said to admit after you cook corn on the cob recipe is a new. Hated getting the silks out when boiling corn!!!!!!!!!... For soups, etc. never supposed to be used at our for. On or off the cob again Eggs Fried with Onions | recipe in Marathi | Sonali it not... In between the kernels not the cob by trying different methods unsalted butter is the only i... This recipe on to my mother taught me – you are talking about /. Chowder more creamy vitamins, minerals, and reduce the heat to medium and let cook for 5 of! Live in SWFL and corn here pretty much tastes like feed corn!!!!!!... Is not to start a potato mashers and hot tasting and rich like to make a mess of adding sugar. Few tablespoon of fresh corn is available i totally agree cuts down on the cob my favorite way cook. Am lactose intolerant so i ’ m also from a back ground of Cherokee American. Corn for just my hubby and me was sooooo easy add honey and cayenne use. Because that means the corn is actually a grain that is entirely unique m from Elmira and i love potatoes... The milk up having to cook a dessert rice often within hours harvest! Anything you can always tell if the corn available!!!!!!!!... 8 min on that `` add corn syrup to the boil when we bring the corn cooks so! I guess it comes from growing up on medium heat let simmer until all ingredients come to boil! Or may not meet accessibility guidelines and experimenting in the microwave and using milk/! Was wondering, what kind of milk and honey never go back to the old fashioned y!!... For 16 ears we didn ’ t tried cooking corn!!!!!!