Though 200+ year old English, } If applicable, appraisals are subject to satisfactory completion of repairs or restoration and value conclusions are contingent upon completion of the improvements in a workmanlike manner. No refunds, No credits, No pausing, No upgrades. Most will even prompt you to reduce the file size before you hit ‘Send’. Any sketch and/or photograph may show approximate dimensions and is not to be used as an exact measurement unless otherwise indicated. Some common swords are the straight backsword (military sword with a rigid blade and basket hilt) or broadsword (military sword with a double edged blade and basket hilt), and the curved saber or bastard sword (long, curved single edged blade used when riding a horse). Personal Property - antiques, fine art, collectibles, cars, ... are self-reported by our members following the ASA requirement for them to abide by the ASA Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics and the Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. Our appraisal includes an attribution of the item, detailed auction house catalogue description, current fair market value and insurance value. This is a sword worn in … need to pack the item but we will pay you extra for any packing About Search Results. Many of these shows hire the services of a professional appraiser for ticket-holding guests. Edged you can send it to us. We do not need large files and it only slows the Online Appraisal review process. Find 214 listings related to 1520 Antique Sword Appraisals in Locust Grove on Featured by. This information alerts you to locations where people have bought similar items like yours. Values and related information provided are based on current market conditions at the time of the request. & valuations. The complexity of valuating an antique sword often leaves the owner looking for a reputable sword appraiser without even initially inspecting the sword for authenticity resulting to unnecessary expenditure. Antique Carriage Clocks. The client acknowledges that you have read this agreement, understand it and agree to be bound by it. This is our Online Appraisal agreement. Determine if you have a straight sword or a curved sword as this will help you identify the age and origin of your sword. available plus prolific fraud has driven prices down. This includes pictures and historical information on most types of blades. Michael Simens is a Nationally recognized authority and resource for Antique Colts, Civil War and other firearms, swords, weapons and related artifacts. Learn More » Chinese Antiques Buyer. You may take previously shot photographs or prints to many camera shops, major pharmacy and grocery stores where you can use a scanner in their stores to place the images onto a portable memory device or have them uploaded to a server where you can access them. They are removed from an original sword and placed on another sword to make a new blade look like part of an old sword. See if your sword is a cutter, thruster, or a cut-and-thrust style blade. Upcoming Events. eBay now prohibits or restricts swords and other militaria so much A wakizashi in good condition can fetch a price around USD 700. You may use cameras on your cell phone, tablet, or personal computer’s webcam. ... Jason has extensive experience with antique Bayonets, Swords and Firearms, and all Military Collecting. have to pay an auction house their seller / buyer premiums. weapons buyer (we also buy vintage WW2 swords / daggers*)! Everyone knows what and where the blade is on a sword. Arrived on 12/16/2020 Webley Pre-RIC No. Of course, any digital camera will work too. 1 credit. Dr. Lori’s online appraisals are based on actual sales records where similar pieces actually sold. Once you have packed, if you are in the UK, we will even arrange The more items you appraise, the lower the price per credit! You will be contacted by phone or email once initial Evaluation is complete. This makes faking a sword all the more typical. 48H. Our antique experts have a deep knowledge of the antique market, giving both the seller and appraiser confidence in paying premium pricing. If you requested additional sales records after you received your Online Appraisal, those additional sales records will be provided to you no more than ten (10) days after the receipt of your payment for the additional sales records. The study of swords is called Spathology. Scottish and Islamic swords we might. Then, use a resize, resample or rescale menu command to reduce the size of the image’s width or height (in pixels, inches, percent, etc.). The appraisal value does not guarantee a selling price for item appraised. via an online auction such as eBay, you pay fees and may not realize PKR Antiques are the local Chinese & Asian Antique and art appraiser “near me” when it comes to West Palm Beach, Miami, the Treasure Coast, Orlando, Naples and Sarasota, and all of Southern Florida. MASTERPIECE TECHNOLOGIES INC. Measuring the blade helps an evaluator determine the type of blade they are evaluating. SOLD OUT - Virtual Antiques Appraisal Event. Valuable Punch Bowls. Everything for sale on is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. A wakizashi sword and katana sword were worn together by samurai warriors. Dr. Lori will come to you. Samurai would keep their wakizashi by their side at all times, even sleeping with it under their pillow. Masterpiece Technologies Inc., its affiliates, and employees are not responsible for judgments and decisions made based on the advice provided. It had to get the job done in battle. Cookies. Trade-Ins h='' To do an Appraisal, we must take photos and examine the item in person.